Hello, Welcome to our French page! This is your teacher, Pary:

I have been teaching French in American colleges and universities for the last thirty years. I hold a Ph.D. in French Literature from UCLA. I am bilingual: French and Persian are both my native languages. I was born in Iran and grew up there. I can teach you all about French language and culture in a fun and dynamic way!

Your teacher
Your teacher

For the last three years I have been teaching online classes using the last e learning tools available on the market for teaching foreign languages. If you prefer to have your classes online just let me know. We can start today!

Teaching Approach

Communication is the key for me. After all why do we learn foreign languages? To communicate to the rest of the world. I believe in teaching in context. No matter the language we all share the same context as human beings and we can understand each other.

Languages just give us that extra key that makes it all enjoyable! With me you’ll learn to speak from day one. You’ll learn how NOT to translate and understand the language from within. As a bonus you’ll discover that you have a whole new identity that you did not know before!

We learn best in a nurturing, relevant and fun atmosphere. If I have to summarize my teaching philosophy I would do it in two words: In context. All languages share a common context that most human beings are able to understand. Learning vocabulary for example can be much easier if we learn words as part of meaningful sentences and not only in lists.

It is my belief that “Language in Action” is usually the most dynamic, fun and efficient way to approach learning a foreign language. It is in that spirit that I have created immersion workshop in this scenic region of France!

In our language workshops you learn and refresh your French language skills through the discovery or rediscovery of French food and culture. We will take our classroom to the French countryside, the markets, the Art Festivals, the castles and the forests. Experience the French food From the Dronne Valley:  the Northern Périgord region is a food-lover’s paradise. Renowned for its wholenut production, its cèpes, the quality of its local produces, and its myriad of exquisite cheeses, the region will win over the most discriminating palates. Its many country roads, plains, hills and valleys blend together to create beautiful landscapes. The Northern Périgord is the perfect place for gourmet trips and genuine cultural experiences.

It is in that spirit that we invite you to a special week to explore together not only the food but also French music and cinema.

We ‘ll discover together old classics but also new french songs, movies and recipes. During the day we will visit local markets and share our experience with others during the evenings. Dinner will be accompanied by French music and we’ll watch films and discuss it.

Movies will be projected on large screen and comfortable seating will be provided.

Cost : 900 Euros  per person for 10 nights- Classes are customized to your needs and your dates. Contact us for more info..